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Update! The library has acquired a second, more portable 3D printer: The Prusa i3 MK3S.

In line with our mission to promote STEM\STEAM education and showcase new technologies, the Warren County Library has purchased a Rostock Max v3 3D printer. The printers are currently located at our Southwest branch. Please read through the 3D Printing Policy found on our Policies page before submitting a project for printing.

How does the process work?

First, you must create your design using 3D modelling software and save it as an .STL file.  Most 3D modelling softwares can output in .STL format, but for beginners, we recommend a free-to-use, online software called TinkerCAD.  TinkerCAD is easy to learn and there are many online resources available to assist you: Tutorials on the TinkerCAD website, videos on YouTube, and more.  Note on Units of Measure: An .STL file contains no units of measure information, and 3D Printer software almost always assumes millimeters, so when creating your .STL file, please use millimeters.  You can design your object using inches (or whatever scale you wish), but when saving your design as an .STL file, there should be an option to change the scale (labelled 'Export Units' or something similar).

Note on print size: The maximum print volume of our printer is 250mm x 210mm x 200mm.  

Once you have your design saved as an .STL file, email the file to us with the subject line "3D Print Request," along with your library card number and preferred pickup location (any one of our 4 branches), at  We will respond with any problems we see, give your our current filament color options, (note that per our 3D Printing Policy, we will refuse to print any weapons, dangerous or illegal items, so please don't even ask!) and let you know approximately when the print will be ready.  We will send you another email when your print is ready to be picked up.  All prints must be picked up within 7 days, and paid for at the time of pickup.

Please note that all designs are printed at the default Standard quality setting, with supports as needed, and a 20% infill setting. If your item requires additional strength, you can request a higher infill setting when you submit your request.

How much does it cost?

The cost is based on the final weight of the print, including any raft and support material. Currently, the cost is 5 cents per gram, although this may change if the price of filament increases.  Our slicing software does provide an estimated cost, which we will ask you to approve via email, which will be pretty close to the final cost you will pay when you pick up your print. 

Can the library help me design my object?

Unfortunately, no.  We are not 3D design professionals, and the world of 3D printing is new to us.  The library does  plan to offer introductory programs on using TinkerCAD, so take a look at our calendar from time to time.  There are plenty of web resources which can help, like this article from Make Magazine.  Also, there are sites on the internet, like, which allow people to share designs they have created, so check these out for inspiration!

Have other questions?

Send us an email at